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Warming Persimmon Holiday Juice

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Keep Juicing, but stay warm

The proof that juices are not just for Summer is in this recipe. Winterfruits persimmon and tangerines, raw sweet potato and warming cinnamon makes this recipe a wonderful choice for the Holiday Season. I’m totally hooked on this one and I think it might end up on our Christmas Breakfast menu. If you have a good quality juicer, you will get a beautiful thick juice, which almost has that latte feel. Sweet Potato Juice is a good source of Vitamin C, Calcium, Potassium, Vitamin E, Iron, Copper and Folate Acid. The cinnamon stabilizes blood sugar levels (hence reducing sugar cravings) and persimmons are just persimmons… the loveliest, juiciest, sexiest winter fruit I know.

I made a juice video the other day with 3 different juice recipes, including this one.
Enjoy watching and find the recipe below.


Recipe (500 ml / 2 servings)

  • 6 tangerines peeled
  • 1 sweet potato raw
  • 1 or 2 persimmon
  • Cinnamon powder and/or a cinnamon stick

Run everything through a juicer and serve with cinnamon.


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