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The intention to not complain

Go 24 hours without complaining at all, and watch how your life starts changing.

The weather, unmanageable hair, public transportation, the size of your waist, the size of your home, a pimple, the prices at the farmers market, slow wifi, the content of your wardrobe, the battery life of your smartphone, your workout results, the character of your boss, the color of your teeth, the number on your paycheck and the line at the checkout. It’s never the situation that makes us unhappy, but our attitude towards it. You can’t change the situation by complaining, but it will definitely give you an unpleasant mood and affect others around you.

Here’s a trick: Visualize the look on the face of a 3rd world citizen, a refugee or a child soldier when you would tell them about your complaint. That look will be so awkward, that you actually will have to laugh at yourself and will remember how ridiculously, tremendously blessed you are. Wake up every morning, having a big glass of water, looking in the mirror and promising yourself you will do your very best today to not complain. At all! Repeat the next morning and watch how your life starts changing.

With love from the happy Earth Kitchen

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