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It’s tangerine season. I bought them for one euro a kilo and I couldn’t stop at one kilo. They looked so fresh with those green leaves still on the stem. So I wanted to figure a way out to work through the kilos of tangerines I brought home. Juicing is always a good idea, but since the cold winter weather we are experiencing here in The Netherlands the past couple of days, I thought something warm, spicy and ‘oathy’ would be appropriate. I am a big advocate of eating plenty of whole raw foods, so cooking (especially) fruits is not really my thing. But since I’m running a food blog and since we have plenty of tangerines laying around, I thought, why not step out of my comfort zone a bit and give this one a try.

The cooking of the tangerines takes some time, about 60 min, so you can choose to prepare it in advance and add to your oatmeal the minute you feel like having breakfast. Cooking the tangerines is really the best part. The scent will make your house smell cozy and citrusy. If you’re not a fan of oatmeal you can always mix it up a little by serving the tangerine jam on coconut yoghurt, dress it up with some granola and you’re good to go.

Happy Earth Kitchen ©Happy Earth Kitchen ©

Happy Earth Kitchen ©

Recipe (2 persons)


For the tangerine jam

– 1 kg tangerines (peeled and sliced or pureed in the blender)
– 1 cup of water
– Coconut sugar (the amount is up to you)
– 2 teaspoons allspice

For the oatmeal

– 8 tablespoons oatmeal
– Couple of walnuts and / or other toppings
– 1 Fresh tangerine

– Put all the ingredients for the jam in a pot
– Simmer with lid on for about 60 minutes. Check in between, you want it to be still nice and moisty.
– In the second part you’re going to add the oatmeal. You can either add the oatmeal straight in the pot, mix en cook it for 2-3 more minutes. Or you can prepare a plain oatmeal the way you like and use the jam as a topping.
– Transfer in a bowl or glass and top off with some nuts, seeds and fresh tangerines.


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