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Summer rolls, the perfect on the go snack.


When you’re looking for a snack that is nutritious, cruelty-free, low fat, gluten-free and easy on the go, then look no further. Summer rolls make a perfect on the go snack. I like to bring them with me while travelling (usually along with a bunch of bananas), but summer rolls are also an excellent choice at the pool, beach or park or in your kids’ lunch boxes. Aside from the incredible taste, they are easy to digest and easy to eat, with the promise of no sticky fingers or dirty mess.

Rice paper & imagination is what you need to prepare these tasty snacks. Yes, imagination, because the filling can be anything really. Traditionally a base of rice noodles is used, which I like very much and use in this recipe, but you could also substitute for quinoa, lentils, or just veggies. Anything is fine, but in order to put the summer in the roll, you’ll need fruit, sweet fruit to be precise. Ripe juicy mango is an excellent choice if you ask me, but how about getting off the beaten track a little and use pineapple, cantaloupe or sweet peaches?

The rice noodles and rice paper wraps are naturally gluten-free, making them a great choice if you’re avoiding gluten. The (low fat) carbs fit perfectly into a HCLF, rawtill4 or starchbased lifestyle. The carbohydrates are also great if you want to refuel after endurance training. Using peanut dipping sauce can be a good addition if you want to replenish after serious workout, but if you want to keep it low fat, there are many other options such as soy-garlic dipping or hoi sin sauce (just avoid anything that includes fish sauce to keep it 100% plant based).



– Rice paper
– Rice noodles
– Bean sprouts
– Cucumbers Cut into strips
– Spring onions Cut into small rings
– Coriander Stems removes
– Mango Cut into strips
– Avocado (optional) Cut into strips

– Have all the ingredients cleaned, cut and set out before you start (prepare rice noodles as described on the package).
– Fill a large bowl with water, dip one rice paper wrapper for a couple of seconds to soften (read package for exact dipping time), then lay wrapper flat on a work surface, preferably on a clean cloth.
– On one edge, lay al the ingredients, all to taste but don’t overstuff.
– Then the rolling part: fold sides inward, then tightly roll the wrapper, beginning at the end with filling.
– If you use large rolls and you’re serving a bigger group, you can cut the rolls in two and sprinkle some black sesame seeds on top, just to make it look a little more dressed. If you have small rolls, or are using the rolls on the go then leave them as they are.
– Enjoy with or without dipping sauce.

Get recipe for Peanut Dipping here.


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