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Roasted Tomato & Black Lentil Soup

A duo of red and black

Years ago I was struggling with IBS so bad that I tried almost every single diet and theory out there in order to manage my symptoms. One of the things I discovered was that my digestion was very slow and if I’d eat late(r) at night, I would experience terrible bloat and pain, up to 16 hours after eating. So somewhere around 2002 I heard someone (It might have been Oprah J) talking about not eating after 7pm. I gave it a shot and experienced great relief (and the additional bonus of weight loss) in just a couple of weeks. Later in life I would learn that this is called intermittent fasting and has many more benefits than just helping me with my IBS.

So up until this day I try to eat early dinners in order to give my digestive system a chance to process all the food. Because of this, a little craving sometimes happens by the time I lay in bed. The upside is that along with the craving, lots of inspiration for new recipes comes. So imagine me laying in bed, fantasizing about food, having my recipe notebook ready on my nightstand so I can take notes whenever a good idea pops up.

This very recipe was born at one of those moments. Although I had then black quinoa in mind (better for digestion I must admit) I switched to black lentils when I found out I was out of quinoa and saw an unopened pack of black lentils sitting in the cabinet. And I’m glad I didn’t rush to the market to buy some quinoa, because the thick and rich texture of the lentils combined with the light and fresh taste of the tomatoes is a game changer. The recipe below makes a very dense, rich soup (almost a stew). If you prefer your soup more liquid, simply use more water or broth when boiling the lentils.

Happy Earth Kitchen ©

Happy Earth Kitchen ©


– 1 cup black lentils
– 2 cups water or vegetable broth
– 1 kg tomatoes
– 2 red onions
– 2 sprigs rosemary
– fresh lemon juice
– black pepper
– pinch of salt
– coconut milk (optional)

– Roast 1 kg tomatoes with 2 onions and 2 sprigs rosemary on 180 C for 90 min (or until caramelized).
– Cook 1 cup lentils in 2 cups water or vegetable broth in 30 minutes.
– Set half of the lentils aside and puree the rest of it with a blender.
– Add some fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.
– Puree the roasted tomatoes in a blender.
– Serve the mashed lentils on one side of a bowl, add the pureed tomato roast on the other side.
– Serve 2 or 3 tablespoons of the whole cooked lentils on top for extra texture.
– Season it with any herbs of your liking and drizzle a bit of coconut milk on top to make it look fancy.

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