Whole Foods

Eating whole, plant foods not only improves our physical health, but has also an amazing effect on our mental and spiritual well-being. Our mission at Happy Earth is to ethically and compassionately nourish our guests with high quality, nutrient-dense, living foods.

Healthy People

Health is the greatest wealth, but what defines health? Is it defined by a lean or muscular body? Do curves or thigh gaps have anything to do with what’s going on in our insides? How healthy are we really if the focus is the mirror or the scale?

Having dealt with poor body image myself and as someone who fell into the traps of diet culture and body comparison, I believe physical health starts with a healthy mindset. Observing the thoughts that drive our behavior is so much more powerful than jumping right into changing the behavior, only to find ourselves falling off the wagon a few moments later.

As wonderful as the body positivity and the self love movement is, what really interests me is working towards a state of body neutrality and self acceptance, values that allow us to overcome duality and be neutral about the inevitable changes of reality.

Happy Earth

As consumers we vote with our money. The products we buy, the lifestyle we choose, the space we use and the food we eat, not only impact our ecological footprint, but potentially also support or counteract functional, fair and healthy societies.

The beauty of this concept is that with every conscious purchase, we can vote for sustainable and ethical production and take a stand against deprivation of resources and of exploitation of other beings.