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Orange Beet Pre-workout aka ‘Galatasaray Juice’

I nicknamed this Orange Beet Juice ‘Galatasaray Juice’ because, obviously, its red/yellow color, but also because of its sports performance-enhancing results.

Beets are an appropriate choice before a workout because of their high carbohydrate content. The sugar and other carbohydrates in beets fuel your body with easily accessible calories for quick energy. The nitrate in beets widens blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and getting more oxygen-rich blood to the muscles. Ultra-Marathoner Chris Carver even credited his 2010 win to drinking beet juice daily for a week before the event.

Oranges on the other hand are also a smart choice before (and after) a workout, because of their high levels of water, potassium, carbohydrates and numerous vitamins and minerals.

During strenuous workouts of 90 minutes or longer you may sweat enough to lose significant amounts of electrolytes (primarily sodium and potassium), which can result in dizziness, disorientation, impaired mental function and in extreme cases even death.

So train smart and make yourself a nice Orange Beet juice just 30 minutes prior to a workout. Wanna mix it up a little? Here’s a smoothie recipe you might wanna give a try before working out.

I nicknamed this juice 'Galatasaray Juice' for obvious reasons

I nicknamed this juice ‘Galatasaray Juice’ for obvious reasons



Makes 1 serving




2 oranges
2 beets

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