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Jan 10 – RAW Detox Workshop


January 10, 2016
Happy Clean Year – RAW Detox & Reset Workshop

The Happy Clean Year Workshop was all about resetting the body after the Holiday Season. The workshop was set up to provide information about the detox and reset properties of the raw food diet, to share experiences, to prepare delicious raw vegan dishes and to feast on an alkalising nutrient-dense lunch.

It did not only provide the participants with recipes and useful tips & tricks to implement more raw foods in their lives, but it also created an opportunity to meet like-minded people, to connect and to share  experiences and stories.


“The RAW Detox Workshop was fun, interesting, educational and inspiring with a nice and warm atmosphere. I liked both the informational and the practical parts of the workshops. Preparing the meals ourselves was something I particularly enjoyed, because seeing these kinds of recipes can be overwhelming and the workshop proofed that it’s not. The recipes are really easy and quick to make and it inspired me to continue preparing these kinds of meals at home.” – Sylvana

“I truly enjoyed sitting down to have lunch with all the others and to have nice conversations with them on relevant topics. I think it’s valuable that the workshop is given by someone with intrinsic motivation to achieve physical, mental and ethical improvement. The workshop provides you with plenty of hardcore tips and sends you home with a complete homemade lunch in the belly… It leaves you with almost no excuses for not eating healthy.” – Arjan

 All the elements of the workshop were fun, but I have to admit that the best part of it was actually eating all the food we had prepared! It was nice that the recipes contained not too many ingredients which makes it easier to go ahead and try things at home. The workshop is great to attend with a friend, to meet nice people and to expand your knowledge about food, new recipes and healthy eating.” – Leandra

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  • Lily schreef:

    Hi Yonca, I’m interested in the workshop you are offering but unfortunately my Dutch is not up to par. Is there a possibility that this workshop is also offered in English?

    Kind regards, Lily

    • Yonca schreef:

      Hi Lily,

      Thank you for your interest. The language of the workshop depends on the participants. Do you understand any Dutch? If not I can do it in English fully, if you do understand a bit, I can do it partially in English.

      Just let me know.

      Warm regards,

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