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Green Smoothiebowl with Strawberries & Seeds

Much as I like to use fresh produce, keeping frozen fruits and veggies in my freezer makes kitchen life a whole lot easier, healthy choices always within reach and food waste almost impossible.

As I wrote previous post bananas are one of my staple foods. Besides bananas I always have organic spinach, kale, berries, cherries and mangoes in my freezer. A cupful of either one combined with 2 ripe bananas is enough to create a quick, tasty and filling smoothie. When my bananas are almost over-ripe, which means totally covered with brown spots I either bake banana bread or cut them in pieces and throw them in the freezer for smoothiebowls and nicecreams.

I often drink a green smoothie in the morning, using nothing more then 2 bananas, 2 cubes of frozen spinach and a cup of water. It’s sweet, tasty, quick and you get your greens in first thing in the morning. But from time to time, mostly weekends, I like to make a smoothiebowl version, taking more time to prepare it with nice toppings and making time to enjoy it at a slower pace.

Weekends ask for smoothie bowls

Weekends ask for smoothie bowls



(immersion) blender or food processor


2 frozen bananas
2 cubes of frozen or a handful of fresh spinach
A sprig of mint
1 teaspoon or spirulina or chlorella (optional)

Blend until smooth and top with strawberries, mint and some seeds of choice (poppy seeds, hemp, sesame etc).

With Love from the Happy Earth Kitchen

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