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The good thing about cooking with healthy, nutrient-dense, whole foods is that dessert doesn’t turn out to be something you have to feel guilty about. As a matter of fact you can have dessert for breakfast or lunch, as a pre- or post-workout meal or just as a treat. This pudding is date based. I use medjool dates, for their softness and sweetness. If you opt for a different kind, make sure to soak them first to get them juicy and plumpy.

Dates contain lots of fiber, which helps you maintain a healthy digestion and keeps you satisfied for a longer period of time. They are a great source of instant energy (I always have some whole dates or datorade with me during long runs, the greatest runners fuel if you ask me. Dates are also good source of iron and potassium, which are essentials for maintaining healthy heart function and blood pressure, as well as helping to prevent muscle cramping after exercise.

The ground chia and flax seeds in this recipe not only help the pudding set (as they absorb the water, forming a gel like substance), but are also a rich (plant)source of omega-3 fatty acids. Cacao is well known for its mood enhancing property (it raises the levels of neurotransmitters like serotonin and endorphins, yeayy!!) and is one of the highest providers of magnesium. But above all, cacao is what makes this pudding simply irresistible!

Whole, plant based ingredients only

Whole, plant based ingredients only

Holy Cacaoly

Holy Cacaoly

Happy Earth Pudding

Happy Earth Pudding



Makes 1 portion


I use an immersion blender, because it’s practical for smaller portions, but a food processor or high-speed blender will work as well. When using the latter, you might want to consider making at least 2 portions to achieve proper blending of the ingredients.


4 medjool dates
100 ml plant milk*
1 full tablespoon of cacao (preferably raw)
1 full tablespoon of ground chia & flaxseeds
½ teaspoon of cinnamon
pinch of salt
Topping of choice


– Blend all ingredients well until you get a smooth, pudding-like texture.
– Transfer to a bowl and let it set for at least 30 minutes in the fridge.
– Serve it with your favorite topping. I used pistachio nuts, for its lovely taste and vibrant color, but any other nut, coconut flakes or even fresh fruit like strawberries work great as well.

* Hempmilk, coconutmilk or ricemilk are great in this recipe. If you make your own nutmilk at home, that is of course even better. Try to avoid processed soymilk.

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