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Fully Raw Tangerine Pear Salad

Sometimes simple, easy and efficient is all you can handle. Although preparing this salad doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes, it is very appealing to the eye and taste buds. It’s fresh, crisp, sweet and savory at the same time.

The salad is full of fibre, which will keep you satisfied for a long time. The simple sugars in the fruit will give you instant energy, while the almonds will sustain you for a longer period of time.

Mostly I eat this salad for lunch, but it’s a great breakfast option as well. Salads for breakfast may sound unconventional, but consider this as an unblended green smoothie. The chewing process is actually important for our digestive system. Keeping smoothies chunky and alternating breakfast smoothies with breakfast salads does great things for your body. The nutrients in the raw ingredients are absorbed by our bodies more easily on an empty stomach and provide us with that extra energy throughout the day. Bonus!

According to Dr. Hay’s research, nuts and seeds combine well with acid fruits such as citrus fruit and sub-acid fruits such as apple and pears. Other than that I wouldn’t recommend mixing fruit with protein like dairy or nuts and seeds, because they’re digested at a different rate. When you eat several foods that digest at different rates, your digestion gets out of whack and things begin to rot and ferment in your body. When your body can’t digest food properly, it doesn’t absorb the nutrients properly, leaving your body tired and stressed.

I didn’t include measurements in the ingredients list, because it’s all up to your appetite and personal preference for ratios. So I suggest you get a plate or bowl that meets your appetite and start peeling, chopping, tossing and chewing!

Fully Raw Pear-Tangerine

Fully Raw Pear-Tangerine

Let's get messy

Let’s get messy



Salad Ingredients

Baby spinach
Tangerine peeled
Pear peeled and cut into slices
Red cabbage shredded
Raw almonds preferably soaked overnight

Dressing Ingredients

Juice of half an orange
1 teaspoon tahini paste
1 dried fig preferably soaked


– Prepare dressing by blending dressing ingredients.
– Mix salad ingredients.
– Drizzle fresh dressing over salad.

With love from the Happy Earth Kitchen. 

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