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I will enjoy more, love more, feel more and receive more when I stay connected.

Don’t let any moment go wasted because you forgot to be present. It doesn’t mean you have to sit in a lotus pose and meditate all day. Even in times of rush and deadlines, do everything you do with dedication. Feel the rush, embrace it, widen your vision, be present and be proud when the job is accomplished.

Don’t munch away your dinner thinking what you will have for desert or how the laundry is piling up. The food on your table is a gift, something that needed time to be sown, to grow, to be harvested, transported and to be prepared. Appreciate. Especially when you’re eating animal products, take a moment to say grace. Your pleasure means another beings pain, be grateful.


Remember that all is connected, and every single life form on earth has its purpose. Everything and everyone on this planet is made of the same atoms from stardust. So everything in the Universe really is connected. We might not have the same bloodline, the same gender, religion, color, or even belong to the same species, but we all are made from the same material and are in this together. Feel this connection. Nature has the power to end the existence of humanity and humans have the power to destroy the planet. Be respectful and take care.

Don’t just wipe away the spider in your window frame while cleaning. Look at it, observe the power and the life force it has been given. Take a moment to realize it has been made of the same stardust as you. Then gently put it outside, there is no need to harm it or kill it for no reason.

With Love from the Happy Earth Kitchen.

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