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A sweet treat without the cheat…

Treat doesn’t have to be a cheat. You can make yourself the best, the sweetest, the creamiest and the most colorful treat without using any dead foods or allergens to which your body responds poorly. Meet my current addiction, a Coco-Mango Sundae. Pure indulgence without the guilt, a sweet treat without having to cheat!

The base of this sundae has just 2 ingredients: mango & coconut milk. Depending on your preference for consistency, you can add half a banana. Doing this will make the Sundae a little more creamy and fluffy, which has my personal preference. To be honest, this part of the recipe is all you have to remember, because even without the bells and whistles, it’s damn good! But of course we want to put a little more effort in it and push it a little further to make it even better.

The second step is choosing a soft fruit that can be used as a sauce. I used blackberries in this recipe, but the options are endless really.

The final touch is adding crunch. Oooh I like chrunch. Magic for me is in contrasting food textures. And I guess manufacturers of processed foods put a lot of research, money and effort in creating perfect textures. From Twix to Ben&Jerry’s and from M&Ms to Magnums, they all owe their success to the in-the-mouth contrast of the smooth and creamy with the crisp and crunchy. So that’s what we wanna do here as well, only we are choosing whole foods clearly.

How about a sprinkle of cacao nibs, sprouted buckwheat, rawnola or chopped nuts to contrast with the fluffiness of the coco-mango icecream and the juiciness of the sauce?



Immersion Blender or high speed blender

2 cups mango cubes – frozen
½ a banana
1 cup coconut milk
4 blackberries
5 raw almonds – chopped

– Blend the frozen mango cubes with the banana and coconut milk, leaving it somewhat chunky.
– Transfer the ice cream to a glass or bowl.
– Squeeze the blackberries between your fingers on top of the ice cream. (or crush it using a fork)
– Sprinkle chopped almonds on top.

Enjoy as dessert, treat, breakfast or workout snack!


With love from the Happy Earth Kitchen.


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