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12 affirmations for growth, magic & purpose


Our thoughts impact our energy, and our energy creates our reality. What we think we become… For me, my birthday feels like the perfect moment for reflection and goal setting. Each year I set new intentions for my new birth year, so I can start manifesting my wishes. If you are not into New Year’s resolutions (like me) you could consider birthday affirmations.  To provide a little inspiration, I’m happy to share mine here with you.

1. I practice SELFLOVE for I am whole and complete. Regardless of what I have or don’t have; regardless of how I look or don’t look and regardless of my successes or failures.

2. I radiate and attract love, trust and AUTHENTICITY.

3. I am ACCEPTING of what is and trust in the greater plan.

4. I open up my business Happy Earth by Spring 2017.

5. I always make ethical choices and run my business with INTEGRITY.

6.  I generate more income than before, simply by following my PURPOSE.

7. I help others where I can and GIVE selflessly.

8.  I connect to my tribe and have more meaningful, uplifting and EMPOWERING relationships than ever before.

9. I am FOCUSED and I complete my tasks effortlessly.

10.  I am clear and STRAIGHTFORWARD in my communication. I pay attention to my gut feeling and set boundaries when needed.

11. My main purpose is always NOURISHMENT when feeding my body and my soul. Whether it’s the food I eat, the books I read, or the people I surround myself with.

13.  Yoga (including meditation and deep breathing) is my daily PRACTICE.

14.  I OVERCOME my pcos, just as I overcame many other health issues in the past and become healthier, stronger and sparklier than ever before!

May your upcoming birthday bring you a year of magic, miracles and purpose.

Love, Yonca ~ manifested into this world on Jan 24, 1981


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