Happy Earth Cleanse

The Happy Earth CLEANSE PROGRAM is convenient & enjoyable. To cleanse does not mean to restrict or to diet. To cleanse simply means to release toxins, to nourish and to rejuvenate. It can also be a wonderful way to kickstart more healthy habits.

Happy Earth provides meal cleanses and juice cleanses, depending on your goal and on your experience.

raw meal cleanse

A balanced menu of nourishing meals, juices, salads, elixers, smoothies and snacks for those who are looking for a way to kickstart a healthy (plant-based) lifestyle, or for those who want to strengthen a weakened immune system.

€59,- per day

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juice cleanse

A balanced juice cleanse which consists of organic cold pressed juices, natural supplements, waters and an anti-inflammatory fresh tea kit for those who want to give their digestive system a rest or for the more experienced cleansers.

€36,- per day

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