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Rotterdam’s first 100% Whole Foods Plant-Based foodshop & eatery

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Rotterdam’s first 100% Whole Foods Plant-Based foodshop & eatery opening soon

Open from Thursday 27th of April.

At Happy Earth we support local farmers, sustainable agriculture and environmentally friendly products. Our dishes are prepared with love and always made from scratch. We do not use any processed sugar, soy, GMO’s or added oils. Our menu and the products in our store are allergy friendly for those with gluten & lactose intolerances and suitable for followers of a vegan, vegetarian or paleo lifestyle.


Organic production contributes to healthier soil, cleaner air and respects water resources. Organic foods are clean, healthy and nutritious, which is why we use as much organic produce as possible.


Raw foods are whole foods in their most natural state. They’re jam-packed with nutrients and living enzymes, which is why we have a whole section of raw options on our menu and in our shop.

eco conscious

At Happy Earth we use renewable energy. Our take-out containers are eco friendly & biodegradable, but feel free to bring your own container or cup. In the kitchen we do our best to minimize foodwaste. Can’t finish your order? We’ll be happy to pack it for you!

Happy Earth Blog