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raw pad thai

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Pad Thai the Raw Vegan way

I just love the simplicity of a raw vegan lifestyle. Eating a huge papaya for lunch, snacking on dates or having a smoothiebowl for dinner really can make my day. But when I crave comfort food while keeping it raw, I whip up this epic RAW PAD THAI. It’s rich, savory and it brings back memories of my backpacking trip through Thailand.

In this recipe I use kelp noodles. Kelp is basically a seaweed and is full of nutrients, fat free, glutenfree and fits within a raw vegan lifestyle, but you’re welcome to use zoodles or any other noodles of your choice. I mix the noodles with colorful veggies and sprouts, dress it with a beautiful raw nut butter mixed with Asian herbs and spices, then top it off with chopped raw peanuts, coriander and spicy red chili peppers. There you have it, the secret to this epic RAW PAD THAI is not a secret anymore.
You’re welcome…

4 portions


1 pack kelp noodles (340 grams)
1 carrot julienne or spiralized
1 cup red cabbage shredded
100 gram bean sprouts
1 spring onion cut into rings
handful of fresh coriander chopped

Raw peanuts or raw almonds
A slice of ginger
Juice of 1 lime
1 clove garlic
6 soaked dates
1 teaspoon raw coconut oil
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
½ a teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon tamari (optional)

Red chili peppers chopped
Handful of raw peanuts chopped
Fresh coriander


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Step 1: Prepare your own raw peanut butter or almond butter with the use of a food proccesor. Be aware that this process takes time. Be patient, meanwhile you can do all the chopping, do the dishes or call a friend who you haven’t talked to in ages. Cause really, this step takes time.
*tip: make more and keep the leftover peanut butter in a glass jar in your fridge to enjoy over the next week. If you don’t want to get in the trouble of making your own, go ahead and buy a high quality nut butter from the store.

Step 2: mix 2 tablespoons of the nutbutter with all the other ingredients for the dressing in the foodprocessor for about 2 minutes.

Step 3: Drain the keplnoodles, transfer into a mixing bowl and mix with dressing. You might want to use your hands to make sure the noodles are evenly coated with the dressing.

Step 4: Add the carrot, cabbage, sprouts, spring onions and coriander to the bowl and toss gently.

Step 5: Serve the disch in separate bowls or plates and top off with peppers, chopped peanuts and some fresh coriander.

With love from the happy earth kitchen…

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Vegan Easter Brunch Menu

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Honoring Life

Spring: the season of renewal, hope and growth. New life emerges from plants and trees, baby animals are born and we feel energized with longer days and the warming sun. Easter is one of the first holidays of this season and a perfect opportunity to spend time with our loved ones, to celebrate nature and new life and to respect this life by choosing plant based Easter menus. I know that when most people think of Easter, they think of eggs, but I promise that you can create a perfect, joyous, colorful Easter menu, without the eggs, the butter, sugar and dairy. It will not only be absolutely healthy and pretty, but also guilt-free and cruelty-free.

Healthy, Colorful & High Raw Brunch Menu

Chia Parfait with plant milk and fresh fruits
Raw salad with red cabbage, blackberries and hazelnuts
Fennel Orange salad with brown rice
Spring Rolls with mango and a peanut butter dipping sauce
Bottles of Mint & Fruit infused water
Lots of herbal tea
Fresh Fruits



Overnight Chia Parfait with plant milk and fresh fruits

– Blueberries fresh or frozen
– Plant milk of choice I used rice milk
– Rolled Oats
– Chia seeds
– Fresh Fruits of choice diced

Put blueberries in the bottom of a couple of jars or glasses
In a separate bowl mix rice milk, rolled oats and chia seeds
Pour into jar, on top of the blueberries
Place in the fridge overnight
Top with different kinds of fruits the next day

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Raw salad with red cabbage, blackberries and hazelnuts

– Greens
– Red cabbage shredded
– Blackberries
– Pear sliced
– Hazelnuts
– Balsamic vinegar

Cut, mix, toss. Done!

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Spring Rolls with mango and a peanut butter dipping sauce

– Get recipe here

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Fennel Orange salad with brown rice

– Fennel sliced and lightly grilled in the oven
– Orange peeled and sliced
– Brown rice cooked
– Pomegranate seeded 

Place the cooked brown rice on a plate and arrange the other ingredients on top of it. Drizzle with a dressing of tahini, lemon juice and some raw agave syrup.

Happy Easter!

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With Love From The Happy Earth Kitchen.

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June 12 – Happy Earth Kitchen @ The Dutch Raw Food Festival


Come Dance. Explore. Feel Good. Taste. Connect. Nourish Your Body. Be Free. 

I am happy to announce that the Happy Earth Kitchen will be participating in the Dutch Raw Food & Lifestyle Festival on Sunday June 12th in Amsterdam. A chance to taste the Happy Earth Kitchen foods and other raw foods, to meet like-minded people and to learn more about the Raw Food Lifestyle.

Market hours: 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Workshop hours: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Tickets: presale €9,-, at the door €11,50, workshops €5,-.
Location: Boerderij Langerlust, Provincialeweg 24, 1108 AB Amsterdam

Find & Like the festival’s Facebook page
More info about the festival on their website


Zucchini spaghetti with raw vegan pesto sauce

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It comes in different names: zoodles, zucchetti, courgetti to name a few. However you call it, the zucchini spaghetti is an indispensable dish of the raw vegan cuisine, simply because it is so much more than just a salad (and let’s be honest, many people still associate ‘salad’ with raw veganism). Zucchetti has that comfort food feel without the empty calories and is packed with micronutrients. Since it’s not heated, it contains digestive enzymes which enhance nutrient absorption, gut health and longevity.

To me portion control is not an option. I’m not the type of person that eats 6 small meals a day on fixed times. I believe in intuitive eating and being in touch with your hunger cues. So I eat when hungry and until full. That is one of the reasons why plant based eating and particularly raw vegan eating feels like a blessing to me. It fills, it nourishes and you can hardly overdo it, because of the fiber and water content in raw fruits and vegetables.

I wanted to share this recipe because I make it quite often, but somehow it never ended up on my website. It’s not the most innovative recipe, but it is creamy, tasty, and literally ready in under 5 minutes. To keep it raw vegan, the Parmesan from the traditional recipe is replaced with avocado, not only is it a cruelty-free alternative, but also a more nutritious one. And I don’t use olive oil because the naturally occurring fats in the avocado and pine nuts are plentiful. It’s nice to play around with the plating and see if you can make the zucchetti look fancy, but to be honest, most of the time I make myself a messy big big bowl (never skimp on the toppings) and enjoy it without the notion of portion control.

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Serves: 2 regular or 1 big portion.
Allergens: dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free
No sugar & no added oils.


For the base
1 zucchini
6 cherry tomatoes cut in quarters
a couple of olives sliced
a handful of arugula or other (micro)greens

For the pesto sauce
1 avocado
A good bunch of basil
30 grams pinenuts
juice of half a lemon
black pepper to taste
optional: 1 clove of garlic and salt

Spiralizer, foodprocessor of blender

Watch the video or read the directions below. 


– Make zucchini spirals using a spiralizer. (If you don’t have a spiralizer you can use a peeler. Slice the zucchini lengthwise with the peeler, then cut strands with a knife).
– Put all the ingredients for the pesto sauce in a food processor and mix until desired texture (I like mine a bit chunky).
– Mix the zucchini spirals and the sauce in a big bowl.
– Divide the spaghetti into 2 equal portions and garnish with cherry tomatoes, olives, arugula or other greens.

1. Opt for organic ingredients.
2. If you prefer a warm dish you can always lightly steam the zucchini spirals before mixing it with the sauce or you can use regular spaghetti.


With Love from the Happy Earth Kitchen.

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RAW VEGAN 5-course dining experience

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March 5, 2016
Happy Earth POP UP
100% RAW VEGAN 5-course dining experience

On March 5th, 2016 guests were welcomed at the unique atmosphere of the 18th century Soda Factory and were offered a 100% raw vegan menu. The 5-course menu was designed to nourish the body on a cellular level with high quality, whole foods, while contributing to fair societies and a healthy planet.


With Love from the happy Earth Kitchen



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Jan 10 – RAW Detox Workshop

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January 10, 2016
Happy Clean Year – RAW Detox & Reset Workshop

The Happy Clean Year Workshop was all about resetting the body after the Holiday Season. The workshop was set up to provide information about the detox and reset properties of the raw food diet, to share experiences, to prepare delicious raw vegan dishes and to feast on an alkalising nutrient-dense lunch.

It did not only provide the participants with recipes and useful tips & tricks to implement more raw foods in their lives, but it also created an opportunity to meet like-minded people, to connect and to share  experiences and stories.


“The RAW Detox Workshop was fun, interesting, educational and inspiring with a nice and warm atmosphere. I liked both the informational and the practical parts of the workshops. Preparing the meals ourselves was something I particularly enjoyed, because seeing these kinds of recipes can be overwhelming and the workshop proofed that it’s not. The recipes are really easy and quick to make and it inspired me to continue preparing these kinds of meals at home.” – Sylvana

“I truly enjoyed sitting down to have lunch with all the others and to have nice conversations with them on relevant topics. I think it’s valuable that the workshop is given by someone with intrinsic motivation to achieve physical, mental and ethical improvement. The workshop provides you with plenty of hardcore tips and sends you home with a complete homemade lunch in the belly… It leaves you with almost no excuses for not eating healthy.” – Arjan

 All the elements of the workshop were fun, but I have to admit that the best part of it was actually eating all the food we had prepared! It was nice that the recipes contained not too many ingredients which makes it easier to go ahead and try things at home. The workshop is great to attend with a friend, to meet nice people and to expand your knowledge about food, new recipes and healthy eating.” – Leandra

With Love from the happy Earth Kitchen


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Christmas Rose & Coconut Porridge Dessert

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Seasonal eating part IV

Pomegranates are still in season and since they’re considered a symbol of Christmas in Greece, I wanted to go ahead and give this beautiful fruit (or should I call it nature’s beads) a role in a Christmas Dessert.

What I really love about the plant based kitchen is that conventions about what you should and should not eat at certain moments of the day dissolve. Sometimes I eat sweet meals all day what most people would consider more appropriate as dessert. On the other hand, my desserts are not as sweet as what most people enjoy. So to be honest I couldn’t really decide if to call this rice porridge a dessert or breakfast, but I can assure you that it will look wonderful during Christmas on both your breakfast or brunch table as on your dinner menu.

This recipe is (again) easy to prepare with very few ingredients. With a hint of rose and coconut it has a very mild taste and is gentle on your stomach. Moreover it has a soft, dreamy texture, a virginal white color with Christmassy red pomegranate sprinkles and snowy coconut shred.

Watch the instruction video


Serves:            6
Allergens:       dairy-free • gluten-free • sugar-free • soy-free • no added oils
Diet:                Fits within a Whole Food Plant Based diet (Starch Solution, Forks over Knives etc.)


1 cup white risotto rice Rinsed
1 liter water
1 liter plant milk of choice (I used ¾ rice milk and ¼ coconutmilk)
2 tablespoons rice starch
1 tablespoon natural rosewater

Pomegranate seeds
Coconut shreds


  • Cook rinsed rice in 1 liter water;
  • Once the water is almost completely evaporated (the rice has now already a porridge-like texture) add 1 liter of cold plant milk. Bring to boil;
  • Mix a couple of tablespoons of the cooking milk with the rice starch;
  • Add the rice starch and the rosewater to the pan, stir well;
  • Simmer and cook for about 15 min, until porridge-like texture (the cooking time may vary from stove to stove, so keep an eye on it);
  • Transfer the porridge in glasses or little bowls, let cool down and put in the fridge for at least 2 hours or overnight;

I don’t use any sugar in this recipe because the rice milk has a slight sweet taste and because I don’t think it needs to be sweet, but if you’re not used to sugar free desserts you can add in some sugar the moment you add the milk to the porridge.

This Rose & Coconut Porridge Dessert can easily be made the day or night before, which takes away the pressure off of Christmas preparations.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

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With Love from The Happy Earth Kitchen


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24 Hour VEGAN guide Istanbul

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The mega city Istanbul is not one to be discovered in 24 hours, but if that’s all you have, or you just want to get a glimpse of how to go vegan for one day in Istanbul, then it might be fun to take this little tour I’ve put together. Since the city is huge and traffic can be horrendous, I’ve limited this 24-hour vegan journey to the Beyoglu district.

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The Karaköy Neighbourhood in the Beyoglu district

10.00 am / Breakfast
Bi Nevi Deli: A plant based, gluten free start of your day.

Turks have a strong and extensive breakfast culture. Traditionally you will find anything from olives, tomatoes, cucumber, fresh herbs, different kinds of cheese, eggs (different ways), local salamis and hams, honey and homemade jams and even different kinds of böreks (pastries), especially if it’s the weekend. So this offers a lot of vegan AND non-vegan options for people with a big appetite in the morning. Simit, the Turkish sesame bagel (go ahead they’re vegan) and a small but strong glass of black tea are the indispensable basics of the breakfast table. If you want to dive in this Turkish breakfast culture, almost every café or restaurant in Istanbul offers a breakfast or brunch buffet. But if you prefer to keep it 100% plant based, gluten free and/or raw you should definitely pay a visit to Bi Nevi Deli’s plant based kitchen in revitalized ‘hipsterville’ Karaköy, one of the neighborhoods of the Beyoglu districts. On Sundays Bi Nevi Deli offers an unlimited brunch buffet with both raw and warm dishes like chia parfait, raw vegan nut cheeses, tofu scramble, guacamole, veggies, gluten free bread and more. On the a la carte menu you will find dishes like spring rolls, gluten free sandwiches, soups, salads, burgers and raw vegan Pad Thai and courgettini.


Bi Nevi Deli’s Glutenfree sandwich


Bi Nevi deli’s Brunch Buffet


1 pm / Lunch
Dandin Bakery: Turkish cuisine inspired lunch in a vintage-design inspired setting.

 Karaköy, one of the oldest waterfront neighborhoods of Istanbul was for years a rough, not so pleasant area with shabby hardware shops. After the opening of Istanbul Modern (Museum of Modern Art) in 2004, things took a turn and the neighborhood underwent a serious revitalization with unique coffee shops, boutiques concept stores and the establishment of the cultural institution SALT Galata. SALT Galata hosts exhibitions and events and has a library and archive for public use. It is located in the historic Ottoman Bank, which alone makes it worth a visit. With all these attractive places in the area, you have plenty of time to kill between lunch and breakfast. Pay a visit to Istanbul Modern or SALT Galata, or shop your heart out at charming boutiques (don’t skip the French passage). Stroll around and sip on a hipster latte or a traditional Turkish coffee. Then around lunchtime take your seat at the cute, vintage inspired Dandin Bakery, which is (obviously) owned by a designer duo, and treat yourself to a delicious healthy lunch. The menu, which is strongly inspired on the Turkish cuisine, changes weekly and has vegan options, (or vegetarian dishes, that can be ‘veganized’ upon request). Pair it with a homemade lemonade or a green smoothies to refuel after shopping. Ugh, life is hard don’t you think…?

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Smoothies & Lemonades at Dandin Bakery


4 pm / Snack
Streetfood: Fresh Juice & Roasted Chestnuts.

After Karaköy make your way up hill to the artsy neighborhood Galata. Although Galata is Karaköy’s neighbor area, you’ll experience a clear shift from hipster to alternative, with ateliers and shops of Turkish fashion designers, vintage shops, record and music shops, cafes, bars, of course the Galata Tower and… oldschool juice bars! ‘Oldschool’ because they’ve been here before the juice craze hit North America and Europe. So don’t expect the California style hip juice bars, with the advanced slowjuicers, hipster baristas, fancy bottles, funky ingredients and superfood supplements. Nope, none of that. Instead expect a fruit and veggie kiosk with a conventional juicer, plastic cups and fair prices, a perfect afternoon pick me up if you ask me. Also, depending on the season you’re visiting Istanbul, you will find roasted chestnut or cooked and roasted corn as a typical streetfood on almost every corner of the street. I recommend you make your way to the famous carfree Istiklal Street in the Taksim area and enjoy some roasted chestnuts as you walk by the nostalgic tram and do some shopping and exploring while walking all the way to the Taksim Square and Taksim Gezi Park.

Afternoon pick me up: Roasted Chestnuts & Fresh Juice.

Afternoon pick me up: Roasted Chestnuts & Fresh Juice.


7 pm / Dinner
Journey Istanbul: Sit back, relax and indulge in Journey’s health foods.

The neighborhood Cihangir in the Beyoglu district is a 5 minute walk from Taksim square. Cihangir is a bohemian neighborhood where artists and intellectuals live, a place that still has that authentic Istanbul feel (you might associate it with Paris). Restaurant Journey in this neighborhood is one of those places that is laidback, yet well designed. Hip, yet never hipster. There is wifi but also a bookcase with works of different international authors. Journey has a professional staff and an extensive, fresh, seasonal and not overpriced menu. The menu is not exclusively vegetarian/vegan, but there are many wonderful options that are both original and healthy, with plenty of vegan side dishes and even (raw) vegan desserts, not to mention you can have cocktails, as well as green smoothies. The best part is that Journey is open for breakfast lunch and dinner, but since I suggested it as a dinner destination, below I share only the vegan options on their dinner menu.

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Journey Cihangir’s Green Menu

Journey Istanbul’s Vegan dishes on the dinner menu:

Salads & Mains
baby lettuce salad
crispy baby lettuce, radish, jerusalem artichoke, celery stick, chive and dressing of your choice.
warm potato salad
Sprouted lentils, parsley, coriander, arugula, potatoes, dressing to your choice.
root vegetable salad
Grated, carrot, radish, cabbage, jerusalem artichoke, parsley, dressing to your choice.
mediterranean platter
Humus, beetroot sesame paste, tomato pesto, quince , crispy flat bread.
veg pasta
Durum wheat or whole wheat penne with fresh basil and arugula pesto.
fresh green vegetables with pine nut and quinoa
Green bean, broccoli, brussel sprouts, spinach and quinoa in coconut oil.

• Oven baked baby potatoes
• Homemade French fries
• Green leaf salad
• Spinach, green beans, broccoli, Brussel sprouts
• Quinoa cooked with coconut oil
• Potato puree with mustard seeds

• Vegan dark chocolate beetroot cake
• Raw vegan gluten free chocolate muss
• Raw vegan gluten free chocolate cake
• Raw vegan cheesecake

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Journey Cihangir’s Vegan Chocolate Beet Cake

1 am / Late night snack
Cigköfte and Kumpir: Starchbased, low fat, vegan fast food!

After dinner you might want to experience a bit of Istanbul’s nightlife. In the Beyoglu district alone there is plenty to discover, whether you like jazz or pop, electronic or some traditional Turkish entertainment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Saturday or Tuesday night, Istanbul doesn’t sleep and neither should you. And I bet after all the dancing, laughing and enjoying you will be hungry. Again. What about Kumpir, a traditional fast food snack of baked potato with yummy toppings like olives, pickles, tabouleh etc. (make sure you ask them not to mash the potato with cheese and butter and be aware that they also offer non-vegan toppings). Another wonderful option is Cigköfte (pronounced chi-kofta), originally (fully raw) meatballs with raw bulgur and raw meat, but because of health regulations the meat is replaced by mashed potato. You can have them straight up or wrapped in a tortilla. Both the Kumpir and Cigköfte are satisfying, starch-based and vegan. Yummy!

Istanbul by Night

Istanbul by Night


With Love From the Happy Earth Kitchen